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Welcome to Artonomy!


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Please email Maggie directly-

Artonomy provides fun, hands-on studio experiences for all ages in a variety of art media.
Workshops and classes give guided instruction to assist you in creating a personal work of art. 
Studio hours are in accordance to workshop and class schedules (see workshop page).
Otherwise contact Maggie to view the studio., 303-570-6124      
Artonomy offers: 
* Birthday Celebrations
* Adult Evening Classes
* Adult One-Day Art Retreats
* After School Art Classes
* School Break Workshops for kids-(Thanksgiving ,Christmas, Spring Break)
* Special Event Art Parties (Book Clubs, Weddings, Showers, Family Reunions, Anniversaries)
* Team Building Art Retreats (Businesses non-profits etc.) 
* Art Enrichment Retreats (Businesses non-profits etc.) 
Who runs the show?
Maggie Smiley is a practicing artist with a background in art education.
She lives in Evergreen and is involved in the schools and works to assist non-profits in the community.
Artonomy hosts great birthday parties! Inquire on the Party page.
Artonomy's Summer program is in full swing.
Please check the workshop page to see the listing of weekly workshops. Come join the fun.
Artonomy hosts Adult Evening Events. Pick your choice of art expression you want to play in,
gather a group of your friends and come for an evening of fun. 
This is a 3 hour exploration of the creative process. Select from one of these studio expereinces- paint, batik, clay or collage. Cost is $50.00 per person with a minimum of 6 people. Weekend or weekday evening available throughout the summer. 
Create your own Artonomy Art Experience 
Artonomy is happy to help you design and schedule an adult workshop anytime. Bring along seven friends and you participate for free! 
Here are a few suggestions- Mask Making, Ceramic Tiles or Pottery Printmaking Textiles, Collage, Shadow Boxes, Holiday Crafts, Wedding Gifts, and Painting.
Contact Maggie to brainstorm the right art venture for your group.